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Let Go to be Free

I’m letting go so I can be free.

When we think about letting go of some things in our lives we realize that even the thought of doing so is very difficult to fathom. Letting go, doesn’t always mean to stop caring, because it is almost impossible for most people to shut off the feelings that they have for a person, especially someone who they truly care about.

When we let go we have to do so knowing that we tried everything that we possibly could have to make things work but some people will just never be willing to change. Think about how hard it is to make changes in your own lives, and then think how hard it is to change someone else’s heart.

Looking out for your own heart, your mental, emotional, and physical health, is not the wrong thing to do. Don’t feel pressured to stay somewhere and not be loved like you should be loved, let go if you aren’t being treated as special as you should be, so you can be free.


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